Sunflex Folding Wall Glass Systems

Folding Glass Wall Systems can open far wider openings than conventional French Doors and offer a 90% clear opening as opposed to a patio doors mere 40%. The door running mechanism consists of tough polyamide wheels encasing maintenance free sealed bearings, ensuring smooth operation and long life.

Features & Benefits of Sunflex Folding Glass Systems

The most technically advanced system on the market Sunflex Folding Glass Wall Systems will give your home that “something special”. These folding glass wall systems help you make the most of the space available in the most innovative way. Sunflex Folding Glass Wall Systems will make your DREAM HOME a REALITY.

Making the Most of your Home or Business

The doorway between the home and sunroom, patio or porch has often been a design problem for homeowners. Now with the Sunflex Folding Glass Wall Systems there is a solution allowing the complete opening of the aperture . A flush floor track allows you to enjoy an unobstructed walkway giving the feel of an open porch.

The Folding Glass Wall System allows you to open your home, restaurant, country club or business, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outside when you are safely inside. It also makes socializing and entertaining more pleasurable. Studies have shown that restaurants that employ these systems have increased their business by over 20%. The Folding Glass Wall System will be an admired feature of your home or business.

Features of Window Replacement:

  • Severe Weather Rating that meets or exceeds Dade County requirements
  • High Security Locking System available
  • Finger Safe Gaskets
  • Choice of Threshold Options including a Flush Threshold
  • Ability to Open Corners and Radius Curves
  • Full Range of Colors and Finishes
  • Available in full glass, wood, aluminum, and thermally broken aluminum, or wood Aluminum frames
  • Custom Built window replacement with technical precision
  • Made with the finest materials
  • German engineered to highest quality standards
  • Superior performance and function, almost maintenance free
  • Bottom loaded operation to allow far wider openings than conventional doors and windows
  • Thermally broken systems

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