Replacement Windows and Doors

With today’s technology, space-age materials and quality craftsmanship, it’s possible to have windows that improve aspects of your home that you probably never even thought about before. Southern Exposure Sunrooms has been chosen by PGT Industries to offer its WinGuard® Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors, as well as their Vinyl series replacement Windows and Doors through Costco’s Trusted Home Service Store.

PGT’s exclusive WinGuard® products combine heavy-duty window and door frames with impact-resistant laminated glass to ensure flying debris does not enter your home in the event of a major storm. A special silicone glazing process is used to keep the glass from breaking away from its frame. Although wind-borne debris may crack the glass on impact, the interlayer keeps the overall window intact, preventing destructive wind from entering your home. WinGuard with vinyl frames meets or exceeds International Building Code standards for air/water/structural and small and large missile impact protection and has Florida State Product Approval. WinGuard with aluminum frames has North Carolina’s most stringent code requirements for wind-borne debris protection.

What does all of this mean to you and your home? If you’re looking for hurricane protection, WinGuard can withstand impacts from flying debris, followed by hurricane-force winds and the glass will still remain in its frame.

Now there’s no need for inconvenient, unsightly panel, accordion or rolldown shutters, plywood or other hurricane protection devices. Even when you’re away, WinGuard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors help guard your home effortlessly against hurricanes, improve energy efficiency and so much more.

Check out PGT’s website to see different styles and colors that you can choose for the replacement windows and doors in your home!

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Southern Exposure Sunrooms is an authorized independent affiliate of The Home Service Store® for Trusted Home Services and offers PGT Impact Windows and Doors through the Home Improvement Program.

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  • LICENSED Every contractor or installation company carries appropriate licensing for the services they offer.
  • INSURED Every contractor or installation company carries and maintains the appropriate liability insurance.
  • LEGITIMATE The identity of the company’s owner(s) is verified.
  • SOLID BACKGROUND Background checks for criminal activity associated with the owner fo the business are performed.
  • FINANCIALLY FIT Financial history of the business and/or its owner(s) is examined.
  • REPUTABLE Each company’s reliability, service issues, complaints and ratings listed with the Better Business Bureau and other sources are checked to confirm the company has trustworthy business practices.
  • DEPENDABLE The installation company stands behind their work with a 12-Month Limited Installation Warranty.
  • UPHOLDS INDUSTRY STANDARDS The installation company is monitored to verify their ongoing compliance with our licensing and insurance requirements, as well as, their adherence to industry standards and practices.

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