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Southern Exposure Sunrooms® shines on

Pioneers of the customized sunroom, award-winning Southern Exposure Sunrooms® is one of this region’s shining examples of what makes a business watertight in a stormy economy. We built over 500 sunrooms last year alone.

John Hickey and his local teams here at Southern Exposure Sunrooms are celebrating a strong end to what is shaping up to be a wonderful 2012. While the region’s building industry continues to gain momentum across eastern North Carolina, most of Southern Exposure Sunrooms’ customers are actually current home owners who simply want to upgrade their existing homes, their property’s value, and the whole family’s overall quality of life by adding a year-round Southern Exposure Sunroom.

People may have cut back on exotic vacations or buying bigger homes, but with refinancing, low interest rates or home equity loans, they find they can reinvest in what they have. An out- door paradise to enjoy all season long is possible and that’s where we come in.

Portraits of past projects line the company’s showroom walls with no two alike. Each sunroom melts into the original architecture with perfect symmetry. These are not converted porches of wooden frame construction. These are masterpieces of high tech glass grown over the bones of interlocking aluminum frames. The frames are built in Leland. They use aluminum because it’s strong yet incredibly flexible. When you have that flexibility, you find you’ve got a lot of freedom in the design you can create for the customer. That’s why each one of the sunrooms they build is unique. The engineered frame also allows for much larger casings for windows with sliding windows up to 72” width and height.

One of the company’s best sellers is The Naturespace® Glass Room. Perfect for the Carolinas’ fickle climate, this sunroom is famous for its durable all-season insulated glass windows and Energy Star rating. The construction withstands winds up to 130 miles per hour and is so weather- resistant it saves on utility bills as well.

With Ed Vogelsong and John Hickey at the helm, this all-American company began constructing sunrooms and only sunrooms in 2005. Now boasting thousands of satisfied customers in New Hanover, Brunswick, Bladen, Duplin, Pender and Onslow counties, the company serves customers in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Charlotte and Myrtle Beach as well. They wanted to do one thing and do it really well and they think what sets them apart from other sunroom builders, aside from having great products, is their design process and expert craftsmanship. When other companies say something can’t be done, they come out, sit down with homeowners and find a way to create a design that works.

The entire process from first call to finished product is surprisingly easy on homeowners. Once the design consultation occurs and precise measurements taken, the actual construction takes place in only a few days. Their crews have been with them from the beginning. Most crew members average 17 years or more construction experience. It takes a good deal of training to know how to work with these aluminum frames – it’s very different from wooden frame construction. When you do this day in and day out, you get pretty good at it. As many delighted customers discover, crews are dependable, arrive on time and leave construction sites clean and safe.

“We had high expectations and they were exceeded from start to finish,” homeowners Alan and Mary Dyer laud. Customers Joe and Betty Cofinni write, “These guys are very professional, very clean, very knowledgeable… would highly recommend… very impressive!”

Repeatedly winning National Dealer of the Year, Southern Exposure Sun- rooms® boasts awards from the National Sunroom Association and is the only company in the nation to recently receive recognition from Progressive Glass Technology Industries for best built design. With a staff that takes great pride in what they build and a golden reputation grown straight from glowing customer testimonies, Southern Exposure Sunrooms® continues to leave its competition in the shadows.

New Location & New Sunroom Showroom!

Southern Exposure Sunrooms has moved to a new location and has a larger and improved Showroom! We have been working hard to display some of our latest Sunrooms, everything from the EZE-Breeze, Nature Space All Season to Sunflex we have them setup and ready for you to come and see for yourself why we are the largest Sunroom dealer in NC. Our new location is 412 South College Road, University Centre, (near Lowe’s and Sam’s Club) Wilmington, NC. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Southern Exposure Sunrooms Receives Good Press!

With our pollen, mosquitoes, and tropical storms, what the backyard enthusiast could really use is a sunroom – not just any sunroom, but the Eze-Breeze Room® by Southern Exposure Sunrooms®. This custom designed, custom built room sports dual vinyl and screen windows so you can let the weather in some days and keep it out on others. While the company offers an attractive four season Naturespace® sunroom in durable, insulated glass, the Eze-Breeze® system is a bestseller.

“We’re the first to pioneer customized sunrooms,” company partner Peter Murray attests. “Other companies offer kits with wooden frame construction. Our design is very different.” Pointing to the bone structure of a model in the company’s showroom off Market Street: “We use aluminum extrusions manufactured just for us in our plant in Lexington, North Carolina. This allows us to fit as much window space into a room as possible. Aluminum is strong and flexible so we can do whatever the customer wants with a window. We can even make arches.” In photographs of the company’s work, sunrooms melt into each house as if they had been there the day each home was built. Some are converted screened porches. Some are solariums. Some boast hot tubs while others house dining room tables and space for families to gather.

The Naturespace® sunroom features glass windows that meet or exceed local wind code for inland and barrier island wind velocity. “That means those windows will withstand a strong category three hurricane,” Murray smiles. In the Eze-Breeze ® system, each vinyl window is shatterproof. “The poly-vinyl window is a memory window,” Murray contends. “You can stretch it up to one foot and it will return to its natural state within seconds. It’s hugely popular on golf courses.”

When John Hickey and his brother-in-law, Ed Vogelsong took command of Southern Exposure Sunrooms® in 2005, they grew its revenue by 60 percent. Such expansion is no small feat in the wild economic weather of a recession. While competitors cut staff back during the economic downturn, leadership with this company refused to let their crewmembers go. “We’d rather pay the good workers to stick around,” Murray declares. “These guys are just the very best at what they do.”

Peter Murray takes enormous pride in his company’s outstanding level of customer service. “I’d say 90 percent of our business comes from word of mouth,” Murray claims. “We’ve got to impress these folks the first time around. We’re fair. We do what we say we’re going to do – and we offer such a high level of experience.” Although Southern Exposure Sunrooms® is a small company, it boasts college educated general management and an average 17 years construction experience under the belts of crewmembers.

While the company completes 400 to 500 sunrooms a year, it must win new markets to survive. “Once you have a sunroom,” Murray concedes, “you’re probably not likely to need another one anytime soon. So we’ve got to find those new markets.” With the exciting technology that makes these sunroom windows and their flexible framework possible, it is easy to imagine a world of markets opening up to a company this well positioned.

Keep a weather eye on Southern Exposure Sunrooms®. The company is serving customers beyond the Wilmington area, building in Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Myrtle Beach. Their superb craftsmanship has won recognition with the National Sunroom Association. They provide outstanding world-class service that outshines competition. If you decide your screened porch could be better, give them a call. “You’ll get a true estimate on that first visit,” Murray pledges. “That’s it – only one visit and we figure it all out. We give you a price and we’ll live by it.”

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