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Southern Exposure Sunrooms weathers adverse elements

A shining example of how a ray of sunshine penetrated an otherwise gloomy economic outlook is Wilmington’s own Southern Exposure Sunrooms, now the largest builder of sunrooms in the Carolinas.
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The clouds rolled in shortly after John Hickey bought the sunroom business five years ago, when its sole supplier of windows and frames went belly up. With no other alternative in sight, he set up facilities to fabricate whatever seemed necessary. “We in essence became a manufacturer,” he said. “We actually build everything. It’s not a kit business; it’s all custom built.”

This has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since he fits windows and frames into existing porches that have roof supports, columns, or some type of framework, not to mention roof and ceiling heights of varying dimensions. It became not only possible but much more logical to produce each piece of each project according to individual specifications.

“We can maintain the architectural integrity of the house or we can actually enhance the architectural integrity of the house,” he said. “We can build any size; we can make arches; we’re totally flexible.”

The company offers the popular Eze-Breeze screen room that can be closed up or opened all the way, and it also offers an all-glass option using Energy Star glass, which also has a great deal of flexibility for closing and opening windows.

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How Easy it is to have a Sunroom added to your house?

You would be amazed at how easy it is to add a sunroom enclosure to your home using an existing screen porch, deck or patio or starting from the ground up.  Screen porches, decks and patios are the favorite places to gather friends and family around your home.  However, at any time you can be inconvenienced by the wind, rain, heat or cold; and in the springtime when the weather is just turning nice enough to get out in, pine pollen falls and covers everything, and spoils the party.  Now, an existing screen porch can be enclosed in as little as one day, with customized windows and framing that fit perfectly into your existing structure and maintain or enhance the architectural aesthetics of your home.

Southern Exposure Sunrooms has two products that can always insure that your gathering will be a success.  First, the Eze-breeze Screen and Sliding Panel System that maintains the screen porch feel, allowing over 70% ventilation when the weather and elements are nice; and also allows you to close the porch up into a sunroom when you need to.  Secondly, the Naturespace All Season Sunroom, with energy star rated insulated glass that will provide you with unobstructed views of your lawn, pool or garden with all the comforts of any other room in your house.

Southern Exposure Sunrooms is a licensed general contractor that provides award winning craftsmanship using only the highest quality materials.  Our work crews have years of experience and are extremely efficient in all phases of construction and can take care of your detailed requirements (electrical, tile, ceiling, molding) as well.  Many times we will be called upon to build decks or patios around our sunroom enclosures as well.

All of Southern Exposure Sunrooms products are virtually maintenance free and come with a lifetime warranty on materials.  Our company services the southwest corner of North Carolina, from Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill to Fayetteville and Pinehurst, and from Jacksonville and Wilmington down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  You can view images of many of our projects by going to our website; you can contact us from the website, or by calling 919-661-2000.  Also on our website you can view the images of our 2007 National Sunroom Association award winning rooms.  Southern Exposure won all three categories in which we competed, and in total Southern Exposure Sunrooms had seven of the nine finalists.

Paradise lost? Not with the help of Southern Exposure Sunrooms

By Teresa McLamb
Advertorial Correspondent

When you live in paradise, you want to enjoy the view every day of the year. That’s exactly what’s available to the owners of glass rooms and enclosures crafted by Southern Exposure. The company has been custom constructing sunrooms to enhance the coastal lifestyle for more than ten years, and has been recognized by their industry with numerous national awards.

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Southern Exposure Sunrooms announces a joint marketing agreement with Sunlite Homes, LLC

Southern Exposure Sunrooms, award winning craftsman of custom made sunrooms, eze-breeze rooms, patio and porch enclosures, in Wilmington, Brunswick County, Pender County, Duplin County, and Onslow County, North Carolina, has announced a joint marketing agreement with Sunlite Homes, LLC, the exclusive dealer of Solatube Daylighting Systems. Sunlite Homes provides the most revolutionary”Green” lighting solution for commercial and residential new construction or remodeling. Call us at 910-793-2762 to find out how you can reduce your energy costs and light up any area of your home or business with the most stunning natural light you can imagine, and eliminate energy cost at the same time.